Winter Basketball Information



At NP Force, every player must make sure they are doing three things every practice:


1. They are getting better.

2. They are developing meaningful relationships with their teammates and coaches.

3. ...most importantly they are having FUN


We understand that life happens and sometimes players will miss practices. However, each player needs to understand that time management and prioritization is their responsibility. Players must find a balance, as they will for the rest of their lives. Family and school responsibilities will not take a hit just so a player can play basketball. Players must be focused and hard working in all aspects of life. Players are expected to maintain 3.0 GPAs, anyone not at this GPA must self-report so a plan can be made to bring the player to standard.


With all that said, the player must also maintain the level of standard with the team. Girls are expected to live up to the high standards set before them, practicing daily by themselves or with their teammates. The player, and not coaches and parents must be the most invested in a player's development.


We get better every day. No lazy habits.


Winter Schedule will include 2-3 tournaments.


Practice schedule:


1-2 Weeknight(s) + Weekends

-Tuesday 515-7pm @ CYO Serramonte

-TNHS Dates/Times varies depending on HS schedule.


-Non Tournament Weekends Saturday 1130am-130pm Terra Nova High School

*May meet at track on certain days, which include before practice days.


Every other week we have outdoor endurance, speed and agility training. Sand Dunes, Lake Merced, TNHS or Skyline track etc... Schedules will be emailed out.


Cost for Winter 2016: $100 Returning Players (Due 1/12)


New players $135 Includes $25 Assessment fees.

Nike Uniform includes a lease fee for new players. Nike Uniforms are not for player to keep.



To register for an AAU Card:

Go to:

Create an AAU account

Register your child as an athlete under “North Peninsula Force”

"Extended Benefits" is optional and is not necessary for participation.

Cost is not included in NPF Fees.

*Club Code: WWAW7A