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NP Force Training

NP Force offers a comprehensive strength and conditioning program for all players. The program tailors itself to individual needs of players executed in 1-1 or small group training. Coaches with S.A.Q. (Speed, Agility and Quickness) training, TRX (suspension training) and NASM certifications will craft a plan to bring the very best out of each player.


Players are given fun and challenging workouts that include, but not limited to: Suspension (TRX) training, free weights with proper form and techniques. kettle bell training, etc...


Sand Dunes, Lake Merced and sprints at Skyline College or TNHS are part of the program as well.


Players do not need to be part of NP Force Teams to elect in the training program. For more information please see Coach, or fill out the form below.


In addition to the NP Force strength and conditioning program, we also offer 1-1 or small group  skills training. 


Individuals who partake in skills workouts can expect to be challenged in an area they want to improve on. Indvidual and small group skills work are intense and held in fast, controlled pace tailored to their needs. No matter if it's shooting form, ball handling, post work etc... you can expect to get better.


Players who wish to participate in small group or individual 1-1 skills work do not need to be part of NP Force Teams.

In the form below, please put the player's name, age and grade in subject line. If possible please include a brief description of what the player would like.


We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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